Episode 1



Having been an outcast throughout most of his life, Adi Khavous also known as Adida Fallen Angel found in art and music a refuge where he truly belongs.

Born in Israel, Adida is an adventurous and insatiable character. Terrified of routine and normality, he has an incredible longing to explore the world and all its different facets. He has been travelling for the past 17 years, spending some time in Brazil, New York, San-Diego, Rotterdam, Berlin, Paris and has now chosen Montreal to be his newest home.

episode 2



Julian Casey was born 1968, in Dublin, Ireland. He spent the first 6 years of his life there until his parents moved to Zambia. That was followed by another move to England and then Qatar. He attended Castleknock College in Dublin from 1980-86. He is a graduate of the theatre program at Concordia University, Montréal Québec.


episode 3


gaming entrepreneurs

Who said you shouldn't mix love and business? Simon and amelie have a fantastic story to tell... and their baby's name is scavengers studio.

episode 4


music producer

Apashe is a music producer originally from Brussels who moved to Montreal to study electroacoustics at Concordia University. After two years of studies, he got hired by Sonart to work as a fulltime sound designer. Apashe has been making music since 2005. With his gritty bassline signature, he is exploring all kinds of sounds influenced by hip-hop, neurofunk and electro.